Friday, January 19, 2007

Ok, back to Terraforming.. but with a little sexeh

Some of my work is whole sims, like Legenda, but, I also get calls to do smaller work. A friend of a friend asked me for help with her 1024 square metre space. It is the landing spot for a skybox, and surrounded by neighbours, and +4 metres, -4 metres covenant. (That means, you can raise land 4 metres, or lower 4 metres).

So, I was watching Ugly Betty, and thinking sexy thoughts, and this idea came to mind, and I sketched it:

The nice part is the female shape suits a lower spot for landing, and a "water feature".

here is the rough finished result:

My client will do the planting of trees etc., based on some consultation. Total time from look to complete = 24 hours.
My billable time = 1.5 hours.

You can get good results with a small plot and a small budget, if you apply imagination (and as VĂ©ronique said to me, a dirty mind).

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