Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lesbian Mafia HQ

I have been busy terraforming, and have not had much time to post. Here is some documentation of a recent terraform I did, from sketch to finished. The building was done by my pal Bjerkel Eerie. The final picture shows the opening party.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ma Belle Femme

Model test shot
Originally uploaded by V. Lalonde.

My blog is mostly about my work in SL, but today is the anniversary of the day Véronique and I got married, in October 2006. She is a wonderful partner, someone who forgives my faults, listens to my moans about work problems, and someone who makes my day complete. She is a good listener, and gives me excellent advice, both personal and business.

Véronique, je t'aime!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Psycho House!

Last week, I did another small job for a good friend, ComradeX Munson. He has a small plot on an island (by coincidence, Véronique and I lived on the same island for a couple of months before moving to Iron Fist).

Comrade wanted a house like the one in the movie "Psycho". See the second photo for reference..

I raised his land as much as I could (+-4 metres on this island)and then dug a basement underneath where the house is. Then I made a stepped slope, using the smallest land tool and one click raise, and a little dock at the water. Of course that is wrong in terms of the movie, but, it gave me the best elevation.

Finally, here is a pic of ComradeX and his sweetie, September.

Sunday, February 4, 2007


As I posted, I have been a busy girl, the last two weeks. A lot of the work was spent on a panther forest. There is some personal history there, I was a panther, active, for about two months, and my first big terraforming work was done on a panther forest. That ended up being lost, and I am not in the panther life any more (although my furs and weapons are still in the closet, and come out for sparring).

My friend Alice McConnell, a huntress and sister, has started a new tribe, with new land, and hired me to terraform. Usually, I do a land plan, but Alice had some very clear ideas about what she wanted; below is one of the sketches she provided me.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Patrice is back

I have been totally negligent of my blog. I have a good reason... to busy doing terraform work to blog. But, I have a little time, and a lot of material to put up, so, I will be posting few times tomorrow. In the mean time here is a picture on a REALLY BIG bulldozer.