Sunday, January 21, 2007

RAW files

I have started using a tool called Backhoe which allows editing of RAW files using a 3D window. Only useful for private SIMS, but I think easier than using Photoshop, and easier to show a preview to clients. There is a good blog on the Photoshop method, at Primdig .

I will try to put up a step bye step on Backhoe later in the week. I would love to get a step by step on the estate division using Photoshop, if anyone has done that.

Useful link to the SL Knowledge Base on using RAW files

Friday, January 19, 2007

Ok, back to Terraforming.. but with a little sexeh

Some of my work is whole sims, like Legenda, but, I also get calls to do smaller work. A friend of a friend asked me for help with her 1024 square metre space. It is the landing spot for a skybox, and surrounded by neighbours, and +4 metres, -4 metres covenant. (That means, you can raise land 4 metres, or lower 4 metres).

So, I was watching Ugly Betty, and thinking sexy thoughts, and this idea came to mind, and I sketched it:

The nice part is the female shape suits a lower spot for landing, and a "water feature".

here is the rough finished result:

My client will do the planting of trees etc., based on some consultation. Total time from look to complete = 24 hours.
My billable time = 1.5 hours.

You can get good results with a small plot and a small budget, if you apply imagination (and as VĂ©ronique said to me, a dirty mind).

Post Sixx Girl

Well this is totally not terraforming, but, I am flattered and pleased to have been chosen to be a Post Sixx girl for the Second Life Herald. Thanks to Marilyn Murphy for her encouragement and fabulous photograpy, and to the SL Herald editorial staff for choosing me.

Warning, the images after the link may not be safe for work.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

More help from friends

When I first started working on the island, I talked with Rexor about the theme. He said, Italian, Medieval, time of legends. I wanted to put in two beaches, a morning beach and and evening beach. I also thought, there should be a shipwreck.

I went looking for ships, and shipwrecks, and found some nice ships, but not suitable for wrecking. I knew my neighbour, Bjerkel, (on Iron Fist, where Veronique and I live), was a wicked ship builder. Bjerkel built my a great wreck in 3 days.

The pictures show, Bjerkel and I on the morning beach, with the wreck, and a long shot of the beach wreck and landscape.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

It is not just me, me, me.. it is friends and collaborators

An island, a whole sim, is a big project, and Legenda has gone fast. It would be easy to assume, from reading this blog. that I am the most active worker. I am doing my share, but, Lost Liberty, the main builder has been my ragazza, accomplice, wise advisor, link to Rexor.. a multitude of things. And, she lives in EU time, so sometimes, I am bugging her with questions, as I am going to sleep, and she is just getting up. She has been awesome. The bottom picture shows me and Lost at the site for a cafe. The top picture shows the finished cafe, about 5 hours later. Lost, you totally rock.

Work done in the last 3 days:

fix up the new gorge with a grotto, and more waterfalls, plants etc (Lost and Pat)
cafe at the North East beach
check of the shoreline, and much smoothing
shipwrieck started by Bjerkel Eerie.. more info later

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Final stages on Legenda

I have been busy the last few days, and have got a lot done, with the help of Lost Liberty, the builder on Legenda. We revised the waterfall, basically making one ourselves, with prims from Luna Bliss, and flopsie McCardle, my landlady and great friend. also, filled the cave under the lake, with a secret place, and made a gorge.

I usually work in my Safety Girl helmet and builder type clothes. Today, Rexor gave me a really nice present, a suit of armour- so here is me armoured up!