Thursday, January 4, 2007

It is not just me, me, me.. it is friends and collaborators

An island, a whole sim, is a big project, and Legenda has gone fast. It would be easy to assume, from reading this blog. that I am the most active worker. I am doing my share, but, Lost Liberty, the main builder has been my ragazza, accomplice, wise advisor, link to Rexor.. a multitude of things. And, she lives in EU time, so sometimes, I am bugging her with questions, as I am going to sleep, and she is just getting up. She has been awesome. The bottom picture shows me and Lost at the site for a cafe. The top picture shows the finished cafe, about 5 hours later. Lost, you totally rock.

Work done in the last 3 days:

fix up the new gorge with a grotto, and more waterfalls, plants etc (Lost and Pat)
cafe at the North East beach
check of the shoreline, and much smoothing
shipwrieck started by Bjerkel Eerie.. more info later

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