Thursday, December 28, 2006

A whole island to work on

Well, this is pretty exciting for me (and, I get excited when I terraform, a subject for a future post). I have a whole sim to work on, and I started today, at 9 am SL time. My client is a nice Italian man, and the island is a medieval, renaissance role playing sim. When I took a first look there was flat land, and a castle, and house. Here is a map of the layout

I made a proposal, and did a map.. I now do my maps in pencil by hand (RL). I find that way, I get a mental image of the land, which works better with the SL tools.

Today, December 28 I did the following:

1. chose terrain textures with my client
2. levelled old land, and dug out a river and lake, and two caves
3. roughly smoothed out land
4. built roofs for the caves
5. settled the house back on top of a cave

here is a picture of me and my client:

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