Saturday, December 16, 2006

Terraforming 1.0

Okies! I have shown a bit of work, and now, I want to show people some techniques. The terraforming tools in SL (at the current release) are very very basic. What I will put here, is a very simple, tryout.. kind of a "Hello World" for wannabe terraformers in SL.

Step one:
you need to own or have owner/modify land privileges. I will put a post later, on how to set this up, lets assume at this point you have it set up. The land turns a disconcerting shade of green, or red (depending on your privileges). You will want to toggle out of edit land, to check your results

Step two:
Choose menu Tools/Land and you should see something like this:

Then, click on select land, and you should be able to click and drag to select a small section:

You could then hit "Raise Land" and the "apply to section" button, and see something iike this:

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